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You can now complete the classroom requirement for Michigan's CPL/CCW license from the safety and comfort of your home. We now offer ONLINE Michigan CCW/CPL Concealed Pistol License Certification classes. We offer the best practical training for CCW/CPL in Michigan. This is not an internet scam course. This is the required classroom portion of our popular Michigan CPL/CCW course. All you have to do is register and follow the directions. EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED EXCEPT AMMO!! We will provide your videos, which you have 7 days from initial purchase date, and 15 views to watch. *THERE WILL BE A $20 CHARGE FOR RESETING EXPIRED VIDEOS No more classrooms, no more 8 hour days at the range... do it on your time, SIGN UP NOW!
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    • Safety rules and procedures
    • Handgun components and functioning
    • Ammunition basics and malfunctions
    • Shooting fundamentals
    • Safe storage
    • Legal aspects of Concealed Carry
    • Concealment options and techniques
    • Self-Defense


    • Range safety
    • Shooting skills


    • Multiple Range Instructors
    • Friendly, Comfortable, and Non-intimidating

Within 2 weeks of your completion, please call the number provided in the link page to schedule your multiple choice test and range portion for shooting.
Once you arrive, you will test, shoot, and be issued your CCW/CPL certificate.

We are a proud USCCA Official Partner and we encourage every gun owner to take advantage of what the USCCA offers. #borntoprotect

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Online CCW/CPL
Excellent class opportunity. The instructor led videos provided clear instruction on all topics.  Students are able to pause and rewind the videos to review information.  The online class made obtaining a CCW/CPL possible for a busy lifestyle.
Katrina | 12/7/2020 12:30 PM
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Great course!
I was worried it was going to be boring, but it was interesting. I tend to fall asleep in lectures but this was well done and sectioned off just right. I learned a lot and had no problem completing same day. I found Bill Kucyk to be credible and engaging.
Timothy | 1/16/2023 11:45 PM
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